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Cosmetic surgery  is done to improve women’s sexual gratification,sense of sexual well-being.We know many women are seeking doctors for liposuction or  for making  their breasts larger,And now they want some surgical procedures for their genitalia, what is called as female genital cosmetic surgery , procedures like hymenoplasty,labioplasty,vaginoplasty and clitoral unhooding.
You may want to look and feel younger, and more attractive.These operations were for the elite at first, but now cosmetic surgery is widely available.
You should know that this kind of surgery requires skill and expertise , so be sure to consult specialists who are specially trained in vaginal surgery
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All operations are done in private hospitals located centrally in istanbul.

Labiaplasty (Labioplasty)

gynecologist istanbul. Labiaplasty   is  the removal  / or reshaping of excess,  labia minora ( interior vaginal lips-the skin covering female clitoris and vaginal opening) The purpose of a labiaplasty is to make  the inner labia beter. These lips may  cause  frequent vaginal enfections ,

Vaginal Rejuvenation.

gynecologist istanbul.Vaginoplasty , is the cosmetic  genital surgery aiming  to tighten lax muscles and tissues and remove excess vaginal skin to narrow the diameter of the vagina.This makes a smaller and tighter  vaginal canal.

Clitoral Unhooding

gynecologist istanbul.Clitoral Hood Reduction; If their is excess skin on the sides of the clitoris,  then  clitoris  looks  large, a cosmetic problem for many.This situation may be caused by several factors; genetics, estrogen,

G-Spot Amplification

gynecologist istanbul.G-spot  is the Grafenberg spot.This spot is an erectile tissue, and thought to be equivalent to the male prostate, being made of nerves and blood vessels when stimulated is supposed to make a great orgasm. It is thought to be found in the


gynecologist istanbul.The  area between the vagina and the rectum is called the perineum. During the delivery of the baby tears occur   in this area, and this is the area where episiotomies are done. Many women may complain about the scars in the perineum,

Hymen Repair (Hymenoplasty)










gynecologist istanbul. Hymenoplasty,hymenoplasty procedure,hymenoplasty costs,  hymen replacement surgery, restoration of hymen ;Hymen is a thin membrane , that covers the opening of the vagina.Thickness of this membrane differs, and may be very vasculer.The function of this membrane is not known,but it is thought that it protects the vagina from infections. Hymen in some countries is still a symbol of virginity.There are many types; Annuler , denticular, septate, subseptus, cribriform and imperforate(covers the vaginal entrance) Hymenal tears may occur by sexual or non sexual causes. When a tear occurs in the hymen, bleeding is seen,usually stops after minutes or longer. Sometimes bleeding may be profuse, and that may cause even a shock. In some countries (Esp. among  Arabic,)  hymen  should be intact when married,by this the women is accepted as a virgin. Hymenoplasty,or hymen replacement surgery  (restoration) is a surgical procedure ,and is the reconstruction of the hymen.It is done to make the patient appear as virgin.By cosmetic gynecology  very good results are achieved,the patient  may return to work the next day. After the healing period (3-4 weeks ) the act of sexual intercourse tears the hymen and bleeding occurs.


Could  I  check and understand the type of my hymen?You could check it with a help of a mirror, but an experienced  gynecologist can tell you the type of your hymen.What is the function of hymen?It is thought to be a barrier to stop enfections through the external genitalia, and men  give importance to hymen as they think that its integrity means virginity.Could a gynecologist understand the new or old tear of a hymen?Yes, a gynecologist can tell the hymen  tear is an old or new one.Hymen, always bleeds in every woman?Some  types of hymen does not bleed  in  intercourse,  nearly in  2%.Does hymen bleed too much?Indeed in many womaen  hymen does not bleed too much , but men should be gentle  at first intercourse.If there is an excess bleeding, a gynecologist should  examine immediately.Hymen  tear  and  pain?Severe pain  is not expected , but men should be gentle.Could  hymen repair totally by itself after the tear ?No,this is impossible.Thats why it s situation  can be determined by a gynecologist .Could  a gynecologist understand when the tear  had happened?Only new tears could be determined, after a week  a gynecologist can only tell that it is an old tear.Could  hymen injured by something different than intercourse?Yes, the hymen may be damaged due to external injuries and falls.Could  hymen injured by sports?Yes ,especially with a bike  , women should be careful.Could a woman use vaginal tampons ?No, vaginal tampons may tear hymen .Could  a gynecologist repair a hymen tear?An experienced gynecologist can repair a hymen tear .After the repair  , virginity is back .What is the operation time for a  hymenoplasty ?This operation should be done in operating rooms , and hymenoplasty will take about 30 minutes.Will the hymen bleed after hymenoplasty?If the gynecologist is experienced and you have hymenal  residuals  , than that means you will have a succesful hymenoplasty.













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